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High Flyer

High Flyer

ID Code: 3567
Condition: Used Equipment
Classification: Major Rides
Category: Tower Rides (Drop / Swing / Spinning)
Price: $275,000 USD
Located:United States

Technical Data

Mfgr: ARM
Base/Mount Type: Unknown
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Important upgrades/Updates to mention:

  1. New Nidec DC Drive Installed
  2. DC Motor Rewound/Rebuilt- New Bearings too
  3. Lift Cylinder Repacked
  4. New Mitsubishi PLC Installed
  5. Back Scenery and Support Wall newly installed
  6. New Programmable Puck Lighting on Back Scenery and Arm
  7. New Operator Control Panel
  8. New Vinyl Wrap on Scenery and Car
  9. New Valve on Air Brake
  10. New Valve on Car Lap Bars
  11. New Valve on Car Gates
  12. Wiring replaced from commutator to Car
  13. New Emergency Stop/Shunt
  14. New Tower and Car Mounting Bolts
  15. New Vinyl Wrapping for Wheel and 5th Wheel Cover
  16. New Tires on Trailer
  17. New Paint on Tower, arm, below decking, and trailer sides.
  18. New Car Lights
  19. New External Air Compressor
  20. All drawings, manual, PLC Program, DC Inverter Configuration Files, and state approval documents available.

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