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ID Code: 3335
Condition: New from Factory
Classification: Spectacular Rides
Category: Multi-Action Rides

Technical Data

Mfgr: KMG
Base/Mount Type: Trailer Mount
Dimensions: 13.50 x 16.50 x 15.00 meters
Electrical: 380v / 125a / 3ph
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The "X-Drive" is constructed on one tri-axle semi-trailer (2 steering axles + 1 fixed) and weighs in total approx. 39.500 kg (87,000 lbs).   The ride was designed to be easily constructed without the use of a crane by a three man crew in approximately four hours.  Much of the set-up procedure is done with the use of hydraulics including tilting the semi-trailer, unfolding the platform and mounting the gondolas.  Fencing, decorations, and the lights all stay on the platform during transport and the backwall scenery is fitted on the outriggers. 

The "X-Drive" holds 8 riders on each end of the main rotating arm (16 riders in total).  The gondola-arms rotate by motor and the seats flip/spin freely.  
Using this configuration, riders make two different rotations simultaneously and flip upside down at random.  

In the loading and unloading mode, a small motor assists the seats to comfort the riders siting in the air on the non-loading side of the arm.  At the same time on the other end of the arm, the small motor levels out the gondolas to let riders get in and out of the seat easy and fast.

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